Throwback pt.2: My bears

Accipicchiolina! Non mi ero accorta che mi ero dimenticata di postare la seconda parte del "Throwback"! :O
Me grama, me poverella! Dove ho la testa?? -___-" Vabbè, inutile piangere sul latte versato, dunque ecco a voi come erano i miei orsi...qualche annetto fa! E come sono oggi...buona visione! :D

Oh my...I didn't realize until now that I have not yet posted the Throwback pt.2 post! :O
Oh well, better late than ever! So here are how my bears looked like some times ago...and how they look like now! Enjoy! :D


I made this drawing using colored pencils then I scanned it and edited with Photoshop

One of my first digital drawings. I think I have used ArtRage and Photoshop for adding the background

And that's one of my first drawing I made using only Photoshop and Pen tool. Oh my, I was not that good :D


My bears are taking shape...Here I'm using ArtRage again.

I used ArtRage for this too but you can notice that I finally found my style and my way of drawing bears :)

This time I used only Photoshop and I think I've found my perfect software to draw! :)

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