Daily Treasury

The Great Spirit

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Native american feather earrings by PetiteFraise

Journal Notebook TigerLily Native Girl by caid

Fun boys indian headdress by RedPepperHats

Statement tribal earrings hand-painted leather by cartonBois

Tan leather bracelet with shells by colortreasures

Tribal iphone 5 case by ZeroCase

Asymmetrical tribal earrings by nanofactory

Bone bead carved tribal beads by PiasGotSupplies

Leather Pendant Necklace by SteamyLab

Native American Bear illustration by LyndseyGreen

Copper band tribal ring by miamajewels

Baroque Pearls Necklace by TravelMemories

Beige geometric Earrings by katrinshine

Native American leather dreamcatcher necklace by CreativeNative54

Watercolor and Ink Feather Print by SnoogsAndWilde

Macbook 13 inch Tribal Case by sewwonder

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  1. Grazie per avermi aggiunta alla tua daily trasury Elena:))))

    1. Figurati! Il tuo quaderno mi ha subito conquistata, è bellissimo! :)


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